LightShade Extended |Envelope| Set

LightShade Extended |Envelope| Set

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Hang it against a wall

Combine the LightShade with the LightCube Original |Remote| E27 and mount it against a wall to create a light source.

Place it on a desk or bedside table

Place the LightShade on your desktop with either the LightCube |Extended| or LightCube |Original| E27 to create a tabletop lamp.

Flexible pairing

A Remote can control one or more LightCubes, and one LightCube can be controlled by several Remotes at once.

Remote controlled and dimmable

The LightShade can be paired with the LightCube Original |Remote| E27 for wireless remote control and stepless dimming.

Directional lighting

The lightshade can be mounted in multiple directions to produce different lighting effects.

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