eScooter |Foldable|

1,440.00 лв

Foldable, light and compact

At just 11kg, its lightness together with its compact size makes it a breeze to fold and pull along. Perfect for situations where bikes are not allowed, such as on the train, bus or walking down the shopping street. When you need to ride again, simply unfold it and voilà!

Control your speed

he display shows the real-time speed in km per hour. Choose between 2 levels of speed. You can ride up to the preset maximum speed of the selected level.

Lightweight and durable

Every part of the bike is designed with simplicity and durability in mind. Its rear wheel brakes are hidden, kickstands are cleverly integrated into the scooter design.

Let it stand anywhere

A uniquely designed set of trolley wheels lets the folded scooter not only stand by itself but also be pulled along. When unfolded, simply use the integrated side kickstand.